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GIS Users Can Plot GPS Points In AutoCAD

 Now for GIS professionals: GPS, mapping, and topographic surveying and AutoCAD plotting just got easier. With GPS2CAD and GPS2CAD-rv, GIS Professionals who use GPS Receivers can now output their database file into an AutoCAD drawing. GPS2CAD and GPS2CAD-rv are  new programs that allow you to connect your hand held GPS Receiver to your computer, download your waypoints, and plot them in AutoCAD. Modestly priced, this new program is a tremendous timesaver and convenience! They even lets you relocate your plot with the first point of your traverse at a specified coordinate. Works on most Garmin units including the popular eTrex line,  and AutoCAD 14, 2000, and 2000i. Satellite navigation and land surveying are now made much more convenient by outputting to an AutoCAD file.

With free demo versions available, these programs are perfect as AutoCAD free trial software that improves the versatility of the leading CAD program.

Program operation is extremely simple to use. Just connect your receiver to your computers serial port with a connecting cable available from Garmin. The program senses this connection and waits for your click to download the waypoint database. 

GPS2CAD-rv  is The "Recreational Version" of the popular GPS2CAD, and provides all the essential functions for plotting your GPS points in AutoCAD. Priced at $100 less, it is designed to appeal to the "recreational users" who simply want to have some fun with their work tools! 

You can choose to relocate point No. 1 to a given coordinate, effectively letting you relocate the entire plot in AutoCAD. You can also make adjustments to the layers, line types, and colors to be used, and whether to plot the points, connecting lines, descriptors..

Once all these selections are made, simply start an AutoCAD session, click one button, and the plotted points appear in AutoCAD! This operation can be repeated as necessary, such as relocating the entire plot to a given location if necessary.

The key feature of these programs is that they are a simple LOW COST alternative to the very expensive survey software now on the market. They let you turn your GPS Receiver into a usable tool in the office by allowing it to be used for low-order site layout.

Unique on the market, the programs take advantage of some of the most remarkable technology now available. Now available for sale from .

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